Last Updated: 17 Feb 2014

   Dry Toilets

 Media (especially videos)

Looking at videos, seeing and hearing how people have installed or built dry toilets is always engaging and often informative.

In time all of this will be better organized to help you find what you need.  Right now, links are added as they are found.

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Why the Dry Toilet? Pros and cons discussed.

Site-Built Units Start with some explanations and decisions.

Manufactured Units you can buy and install.

Media and Videos.



Videos and other media:

Alaska bioshelter

Homestead Update (problems w/ c.t.)

How to make c.t. (occasional use)

How to make c.t. (for year round, 5 person household)

Purchased c.t.

A lot to be learned from surfers...(best youtube of how to build c.t.)

Unicef: how to build c.t.

How to build c.t.

selling the idea

an intimate tour of a home-built composting toilet 

Grey Water Action (Oakland) photos

Starting a new humaneur composting pile

[Found in SSWM:] [Accessed: 23.09.2013] Constructing an ecosan toilet - A film from UNICEF. [Accessed: 23.09.2013] Eco-san toilet with a bamboo superstructure. [Accessed: 11.08.2010] Green Toilet Talks (Part 1): A Documentary on Ecological Sanitation, explaining compost toilets. [Accessed: 11.08.2010] Green Toilet Talks (Part 2): A Documentary on Ecological Sanitation, explaining compost toilets [Accessed: 11.08.2010] Excellent documentary on the UDDTs in Bangalore (India).